Om oss

Welcome to a new world in caravans.  

We are a family owned business, situated along the E45 between Göteborg and Trollhättan. We import and sell carefully selected English caravans. All caravans are registered in Sweden, surveyed, moist- and gas tested.

The UK market is the largest market in Europe for caravans, and as such the choices of caravans and layouts are endless; two berth, four berth, five berth end bedroom, fixed beds, end bathrooms, end kitchens.

All caravans in the UK meet european standards with regards to safety and thermal insulation, and are built to a high standard with Comfort and Storage, a priority which gives the user freedom and peace of mind to enjoy time away from home.

With the laws becoming ever increasingly difficult with regard to the weight allowed to be pulled by a family car, the UK caravan manufactures have sort to keep the total running weight as low as possible without compromise to built quality by using new designed light weight chassis and composite materials.

Appliances such as water heaters, fridges, and room heaters,are supplied as standard and are of the same type fitted to all european caravans,such as Electrolux and Truma.

All our caravans go through a 56 point per delivery inspection,which includes a damp test and gas pressure test, to ensure that everything works just as it should.  

Why not take a break from the norm you may be surprised what awaits you in a UK caravan.